Encrypt via QR code!
QRS helps developers to build E2EE applications that encrypt data on the client-side without using passwords. Instead of entering passwords, users scan QR code displayed by the application. It works with GUI as well as terminal / command line - please see the demo video below:
How does it work - Part 1
How does it work - Part 2
What software is using QRS encryption?
Cross-platform Password Manager (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
Command Line utility that uses encrypted YAML config to set environment variables and then launch the process. Great for running CI/CD scripts, loading encrypted SSH keys into SSH Agent, running AWS CLI, Azure CLI, and many other admin scripts that take sensitive parameters via environment variables
Windows Application to encrypt arbitrary files
Cross-Platform Notes Application (Web, Windows, Mac OS, Linux) where notes are encrypted with QRS
QRS encryption could be integrated into any web, mobile, desktop or command line application. Learn more at DEVELOPER.QRID.COM
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